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Testimony Page

           On this page are some of the testimonies


I had an absolutely stellar reading from Arlene Braswell this past week.  Arlene was very evidential during her reading and delivered exactly what she was given by the spirit realm.  She was able to identify a song and it's artist to me as told to her by my husband.  That is the music we listened to on our first date.  She had several spirit family members and mentioned them by relationship.  Arlene delivers her messages from spirit with pure evidence and clarity which is such a rare gift. Thank you Arlene    Carol
 It was an experience that I will long remember; it brought me peace and reduced anxiety. Arlene is a wonderful, caring person and undoubtedly is the real deal. Would recommend to anyone. Joan Secord (feb 25th 2014)
 Hello Arlene,
 You gave me a
 reading over the phone 3 weeks ago and I
 just wanted to thank
 you again.
 You truly have a special gift. I was so surprised
 to hear that my
 paternal uncle
 who crossed over when he was only 30 is one
 of my spirit guides.
 It all
 makes sense now as he was the first deceased relative
 I started having
 dreams about
 when I was a child. You even got the first
 letter of his name
 correct. I
 was shocked. You also identified the religious
 man I was also having
 about this year and there is no way you could have
 known this.
 Thank you again.
 Have a wonderful day,
Hi Arlene,
Here is a testimonial for your site.
I am a hypnotherapist who needed some inner work myself around a chronic health issue, so experienced an Illuminated Light session with Arlene using Skype.
I liked the natural imagery during the session, which involved nature and forests, and found Arlene to be a warm and knowledgable therapist. She was skilful in going with the flow and incorporating healing into whatever situations arose.
Beforehand I was nervous and resistant about what may arise, as I couldnt connect with my health issue and I had been avoiding looking at it for many years. Yet she easily guided me through it and I found the session to be an enjoyable and enlightening experience. So as a hypnotherapist I can vouch for her authenticity and standard of work. Annie 


Arlene the past life regression that you led me through was nothing short of amazing, especially considering it was done 2000 miles away over the phone! You expertly lead me through a relaxation process, and then directed me to a past life. I had clear visions of being there, and was even able to visualize the people I was with, which also happened to be some of the same people I have known in this life. Life is all interconnected, and you have a knack for bring it out.  Thank you, Harlan M. Colorado, February 3, 2008.



Sept 2015 - Life Coaching Session

Arlene, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for helping me
to discover my life's purpose. Thank you from the bottom of
my heart. H.


 Hi, Arlene - Feb.11, 2014 
I want to tell you how much your reading meant to me.  First of all, you are such a dear and so very easy to talk to.
That was important because I was pretty nervous about getting a reading.  You banished my fears within seconds.
I don't know if this is common for everyone after hearing from a loved one through you, but beginning immediately after the reading and since then I am much less anxious about life in general and have gained a lot of peace.  Maybe it's now knowing that my life-long belief of life after death is confirmed.  It was a wonderful experience and wanted you to know how much I appreciated what you did for me.  You are a blessing, J.S.


2015 Book review of the Way and of my readings by Bella C.

What an amazing read. Very informative
By Bella on July 12, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
What an amazing read. Very informative! It was intriguing, interesting and full of life answers. I had the pleasure of having a few readings with Arlene. She is more than 100% accurate. Her very special gift from God is the ability to communicate with pets! The relationship with my dog has skyrocketed! I found out all the things that scare her, annoy her, what she loves & doesn't love, and how she is physically doing. I have much love & respect for Arlene and her gifts. I cannot wait to read the other books! If you have a reading with her I promise you will not regret it. It changed my lifeWhat an amazing read. Very informative


It was great talking to you - what a great reading! Cynde was very pleased with hers as well. Arleen, you did such a beautiful job on my reading last nite. You really got the personality of Rudy, my husband, and his witty sense of humor. You had very factual evidence regarding the song that was played at my husband's funeral service and the fact that I had just put in for some vacation time at work. Rudy's comments thru you were right on. I am so pleased that he is with me, especially at church, and that he enjoys the mediumship work we are all doing. Arleen, your style is beautiful. Your readings come through with a lovely simplicity that could never be duplicated. Your evidence is strong and true. Your readings come through as clear as a bell. Thank you for your time, I enjoyed it so much! Love and blessings to you in this endeavor! Carolan Carey




Arlene, This is just a brief note to thank you so much for such a wonderful and accurate reading that you did for me on Friday. All you knew was my name and where I lived. Everything that you described was right on the money and so exact that it even helped me remember things. You described my mother exactly how she looked when I was growing up, you described the things I did with my grandmother when I was growing up. You described a wall around a house where I lived. Also the messages that were given you were exact names and things said to me by my parents. You also described my father to a fault and what he had said to me time and again word for word. I could not have been more pleased and excited with your reading. You spent much time with me, explained any questions I had, and explained anything and everything you could to make the messages and that clear to me. I would have no problem at all recommending you to anyone for a reading. I personally feel you went above and beyond. Thank you. Namaste Cynde


Hi Arlene, Thank you for this. I agree and have heard it before. Thank you so much for the reading because he knew I was psychic too.  You confirmed many things I was getting and that was very conforting. I am glad you touched with my grandfather who was also psychic. My middle name is the same as his and he always liked me, Mary G


(11-26-15 This comment written on facebook, by Barbara)I want to say real quick, Arlene Braswell is a awesome and very real Pet Whisperer. She told us what the cat told her, on where she is sick and damn she was right. I NEVER EVEN SAID the cat was sick!!! Just said Arlene can you tell me if my brothers cat is wanting us to know something. Anyway I had to give credit where due, Barbara



This was my first time experiencing regression through hypnotism. I found the whole experience enlightening, and interesting. Will do it again under Arlene's supervision.  01/27/08  Kari Dalton, Florida

You reading was outstanding.  It is wonderful that you can use so many modalities at once; numerology, tarot, diving rods and spirit communication all within a few minutes to confirm my reading.Blessings and good things for you ! C.C. Florida


Very helpful with relaxation. Took me back to a past life experienced like snapshots. Very safe feeling.  B.A. Williams,Texas

July 28, 2010, Arlene gave me a reading. During the reading, Arlene was able to provide several pieces of evidence covering description and previous occupation of my aunt Betty, who has not been in spirit that long. The message from my aunt expressed encouragement and awareness of my current interests, and it was nice to know that my aunt is around me from time to time. At the close of the reading Arlene thanked me for allowing her to bring my aunt through and we talked about what a great experience it had been for us both. 

Harriet D


Arlene has the gift of clarity, insight and directness. I can always count on her to deliver strong and clear messages from my guides and loved ones in spirit. I refer to Arlene as the "medium's medium! Thank you Arlene!!! Carolan Carey  



Weight Loss Hypnosis with NLP Session: In my experience I felt completely relaxed and at ease. I remember all that occurred and I am so pleased at the prospect of success. This program made me feel better immediately! The images I saw and the views I now can work towards my goals with ease. Donna B. Florida 05/22/08

Arlene: Thanks so much for your helpful insight. Your reading put things in perspective for me at a time when I was struggling. You totally brought my husband's quirky humor in; the way he looked and the way he spoke. Thank you again for such a beautiful gift. Carolan, Sarasota, FL


5.0 out of 5 stars A mystical journey is a wonderful book written by a terrific medium, July 4, 2014

One with All; A mystical journey is a wonderful book written by a terrific medium. Arlene writes about all of her experiences and delves into the spirit realms with candor and honesty. Just loved this book, which is her fourth. Arlene is a forthright and direct spirit medium and psychic. I consider her the "medium's medium". She is the one the psychics and mediums go to for their readings!
 October 2014  I had gone to the Seven Sisters Inn in Ocala Fl. and took part in their Haunted Tour
Maria Pons Schmidt‎   I want to thank Arlene Psychic-Medium for helping Seven Sisters Inn event last night "Discovery the Mystery: Tales, Tools and Tour".Arlene is VERY gifted and met (with great accuracy) the spirits of the Inn. What magical night we had. The Inn looks forward to working with Arlene much more in the future! Thank you, Ojela Frank for introducing her to us!