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Arlene was gifted from birth with intuitive abilities and is clairvoyant and clairaudient. She has been a medium since 13 years of age. Arlene is an internationally known certified medium, psychic and spiritual counsellor, who serves as a bridge between worlds, bringing through evidence of life after death from loved ones and pets, and receives messages from your spirit guides and angels. Arlene has also channelled beings from the higher realms and brought through messages from ascended masters and star beings. She offers readings without tools by connecting directly with spirit.

Arlene is also certified in clinical hypnosis and specialises in past-life regressions, as well as other types of regression and NLP. She has certifications in QHHT (past life regression levels 1 & 2 from Dolores Cannon, who was a internationally famous regressionalist and book author.) Her other certifications in hypnosis and regression are through Dick Sutphen professional hypnosis and clinical hypnosis through Shannon Feather.

Arlene is also the published author of Bridge Between Worlds; My Life as a Psychic Medium, also The Way; Of A Mystic Psychic Medium; Her newest book One With All; Mystical Journey Of Psychic Medium and Poetry of the Deep; Poems from the Depths of Soul. These books are available on Amazon, etc. Please click on the books link for more information.

Grief Counseling Through Mediumship 

Arlene explains: As a clairvoyant and clairaudient medium I am able to connect our two worlds and communicate with loved ones and guides. Speaking with these loving beings can be helpful to those who are feeling grief due to loss; just knowing they are still there and alright can be helpful. Bringing personal messages can bring peace to those who have lost a loved one.      

Note: (I am not a health professional and mediumship is not a substitute for professional grief counseling.)

Check out the archive on blogtalk radio of me doing mini readings. It's under my favorite links (all the page navagation on far upper left corner of this page) click on favorite links and it will bring up the page.




I have been a Tarot Reader for over 30 years, using the tarot as a tool to access the subconscious mind. I have combined my clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities together with the tarot, to bring you an insightful reading that can give you a glimpse of future events on your journey through life.

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My background in energy healing
I am a energy healer who has added to my natural abilities with certifications in over 30 different healing modalities. I naturally practiced psychic healing and healing touch before I studied further. Later in life I became interested in learning more about energy healing and devoted much of my life to the enhancement of my ability to work with bioenergy fields. These are unseen, but very much there. The same concept as energy and sound waves, these fields are there for our use but we do not see them. If one looks under a powerful microscope you can see that we are not even solid, but particles of energy vibrating at different rates of speed. Blockages can occur in our energy fields which are the first signs of illness. It can then manifest in the etheric or astral level of our energy body and when it is not cleared, it can manifest in our physical body. When the blockage is eliminated healing can begin. I scan the body and look for areas that need healing or have a blockage.  I do energetic healing to balance your energy and remove blockages, and long distant energy healing for humans and animals.
Create the changes you seek through guided meditations. Program out what is no longer working in your life and add what will work in your behalf. I can help you release these old programs that self sabotage personal success in many areas of your life - whether in  financial, personal, love relationships or career.  
I am a master hypnotist certified in clinical, back to the cause regression, and past-life-regression. I am also certified in NLP and can blend both together making the results more powerful. I offer weight loss and stop smoking cessation sessions using a powerful combination of NLP and Hypnosis together. I am certified in Dolores Cannon's (QHHT) Hypnosis as a level 2 practitioner.
I specialize in past-life-regression to get to the root cause of a situation, problem or condition. Finding this cause can bring insight, relief and change. Illuminated Light Hypnosis and Regression, gets to the root of many issues, for the purpose of healing, problems, answers to questions such as life purpose, etc. I also developed my own coaching method to help you fulfill your life goals.





I can communicate with animals passed on and living, using a picture of your pet to find out information on how the pet is doing. Long distant healing can also be sent using this method.




(Connect to your own Inner Wisdom for answers)

Receive your answers from your own inner wisdom, connect with your own Higher Self (soul self) and even higher, get to the root cause of situations in your life. Receive relief from health issues and problems, find out what is blocking you from achieving the most in life - find out your purpose for being here in this life - wouldn't it be great to connect with your own inner wisdom? 

This is my own method of hypnosis in which I have chosen proven techniques and added to them. I use my intuitive abilities and a protective bubble of Light in this type of session, which takes you to where you need to go and what you need to experience.

This can be a adventure in time and space, a journey into the past, or even a glimpse of the future. It will however be, what you need to experience, for it is guided and arranged by your own higher self, some call it the sub-conscious, higher mind, I just call it the Light. This method I developed, gets deep into the heart of the matter or issues and shows you what you are here to do and learn. 

You may wonder why you feel like you know someone you just met, like you've known them for a long time, and some people an instant distrust. Did you incarnate with people you had known in other lifetimes, are they now in your own family in this life, do you have any "contracts" with these people? Could you have had lives on other planets, some may experience feeling "different" like they just don't fit in. You may wonder why you here on this earth at this particular time, do you have a particular mission? 

This method is a faster method of getting to the root of the matter and takes about an 1 1/2 hours average, but can take longer and the best part is that it is done in the comfort and privacy of your own home over Skype or Phone. No need to travel long distances to receive a session.



This will take you to view a past life that is most significant to this life you are living now. It is the most important one that affects the life you are living now. You will see people who may be in your life now at this time, but who, of course have different faces and roles in that life. You will be taken to the most important parts of these lives and will see how they are influencing the life you live now. Many people report that the same group of people in that life are in this life with them. You will see why some places have a "deja vu" effect on you, because yes, you have been there before in another life and another time. This  session is for about 45 minutes average or a little longer and it is done over either Skype or Phone. You don't have to leave the comfort of your home and travel to have this session.



This method of hypnosis was developed by the late, famous, internationally known Dolores Cannon. She developed this form of hypnosis and I had taken classes directly from her. You may have seen her video's or read some of her fantastic books.

This method is a way to get to the root cause of issues, even if they originate in past lives. Find more meaning to your life, understand and find peace and relief in health issues, understand your relationships, find out more about your purpose in life and find true meaning in your life. 

Many of us feel different, like we don't belong or don't quite fit in and have a longing to "go home," even though we don't know where that is. Many had lives on other planets and may be here for the first time. but more common is that you have lived many lives, have you a instant feeling like you know a certain person, that you had just met, or an instant dislike? We all come into this life with a reason for being here, a mission. Do you want to find out what that mission is? We are not here just randomly, we are here for a reason.

I am a Level 2 certified QHHT practitioner. QHHT is done in-person and the session can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

(Note: I am not a health professional and hypnosis is not a substitute for medical care or mental help. What I offer is for curiosity only, not medical or mental health care, I make no claims on instant cures from having a QHHT session or any sessions I offer.)


This method of relaxed guidiance into the Light to connect with your own higher self is a faster method of connecting and getting to the root cause of many of your problems and questions. The Light will penetrate into all the cells of your body and being, scanning and finding areas that can benefit from this beneficial Light.



Find out how to make the most of your life. Remove blocks to your success, healing, find your purpose, etc.. To find out more click on link (under Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching) on the far left side of this page. Links are underlined and will bring you right to the page.


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